December 2017 S’Milk Bucks Prize Winners

December 2017 S’Milk Bucks Prize Winners

The School Milk Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador would like to take a minute to send out a big congratulations to the first round winners of our S’Milk Bucks Contest!

Individual Prize Winners:
Tyler Wiseman (Clarenville Middle School)
Dami Oduekun (Roncalli Elementary School)
Jason Pickett (Centreville Academy)

Grand Prize Winner:
Austin White (St. Peter’s Academy)

The second round of prize winners will be drawn in June, so keep sending us those S’milk Bucks! One lucky individual winner will win our grand prize: a trip for four to Disney or Universal Studios in Florida! One lucky school will also be the recipient of a $5,000 School Sponsorship!

Remember, there are no limits on the number of S’Milk Bucks your school can utilize. The more milk students drink, the greater chance they have to win individual prizes or grand prizes.


* Student purchases a milk
* Student receives a S’Milk Buck
* Each S’Milk Buck requires 5 stamps to complete (5 milk purchases)
* When completed, fill out the information on the back of the card
* S’Milk bucks should be mailed to the School Milk Foundation
* S’Milk Bucks can be sent individually or as a bundle from schools, parents, staff members, cafeteria personnel, etc.
* Two draws will take place per year: December 1 (2017) and June 1 (2018)
* All those with completed S’Milk Bucks will qualify for the grand prizes

If you need additional S’Milk Bucks or ink stampers, please contact the School Milk Foundation by phone (709) 364-2776 or email

Milk Facts

carton iconWhat happens to the milk after the cow?

The raw milk is carried through pipes to a refrigerated storage tank in another room in the barn. Every second day, the raw milk is piped from the storage tank in the barn to a big, insulated milk truck for its journey to the dairy. When the milk truck arrives at the dairy, the raw milk is piped into another cold storage tank. A sample of milk is taken and it is tested for its milk fat content, flavour, odour and bacterial count.