New Promo – S’MILK BUCKS!


The School Milk Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador is offering a brand new promotion this year called S’Milk Bucks.

S’Milk Bucks is a collect to win promotion suitable for all ages, with multiple prize draws in December (2017) and June (2018). This promotion is designed to run continuously throughout the entire school year. All Completed and returned S’Milk Bucks will qualify for the grand prizes.

There are no limits on the number of S’Milk Bucks your school can utilize. The more milk students drink, the greater chance they have to win individual prizes or grand prizes.


* Student purchases a milk
* Student receives a S’Milk Buck
* Each S’Milk Buck requires 5 stamps to complete (5 milk purchases)
* When completed, fill out the information on the back of the card
* S’Milk bucks should be mailed to the School Milk Foundation
* S’Milk Bucks can be sent individually or as a bundle from schools, parents, staff members, cafeteria personnel, etc.
* Two draws will take place per year: December 1 (2017) and June 1 (2018)
* All those with completed S’Milk Bucks will qualify for the grand prizes

Grand Prizes:

* A choice of a $2,000 Student Scholarship, Macbook, iPhone or iPad. This will be drawn once in December (2017) and once in June (2018)
* A Trip for Four to Disney or Universal Studios in Florida. This will be drawn once in June (2018)
* A $5,000 School Sponsorship. This will be drawn once in June (2018)

Individual Prizes:

* A choice of a Drone, GoPro, Beats Headphones, Fitbit or iWatch, Bicycle, Basketball Net, Bricks 4 Kids Party, Cineplex Party, Sports Equipment Pack, Musical Instrument, Art Pack, Swimming/Pizza Party and Jumpy Castle
* Three winners will be chosen for these prize options in December (2017)
* Three winners will be chosen for these prize options in June (2018)

If you need additional S’Milk Bucks or ink stampers, please contact the School Milk Foundation by phone (709) 364-2776 or email

Milk Facts

carton iconHow much milk should I drink each day?

Canada’s Food Guide recommends that students consume 2-4 servings of milk products daily. Milk and milk products provide students with 15 essential nutrients, including bone-building calcium and the energy needed to perform their best.