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Whether you’re an elementary or a high school milk coordinator, we have promotions well-suited to your students’ ages and interests. From free milk to the latest tech, we give your students what they want. We also give you what you want too: smart promotions, generous support and the pleasure of seeing children get excited about drinking milk. 

S’Milk Bucks (K-12)
A brand new collect to win promotion with multiple prize draws in December and June. The more you drink, the more chances to win cool prizes such as: GoPro, Drone, Beats, MacBook, School Sponsorship, Individual Scholarship, Trip to Florida.

Milk Run (K-4)
The Milk Run is a classroom game designed to educate students about dairy farming—and of course, give them plenty of chances to win some free milk.  Students work together to complete the path of milk distribution from farm to consumer. When their class completes the milk path, they will be entered to win a classroom iPad.

#SMOOVEIT! (7-12)
Give your students an opportunity to win a MacBook Air by participating in Milk It For Spirit. #SMOOVEIT is a social media challenge that requires students to get excited, get engaged and most importantly get active! All while enjoying their S’Milk! To enter the contest, students are to post either a short 15-second video or a picture of them leading a healthy lifestyle. Students are to then tag @SchoolMilkNL on any of our three social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram). It is important that with each post, the students use hashtag #SMOOVEIT. Students are then asked to nominate and tag 1-3 social media accounts to also participate in the challenge. There are no limits on what accounts a student can tag, these accounts can be friends, classmates, or even various school organizations! Students are asked to get creative with the content they post, whether it is participating in a sport, performing theatre arts or even walking the halls at lunch, we want students to get creative in how they live a healthy lifestyle!


Milk Facts

carton iconHow long does it take to milk a cow?

Milking a cow takes about 5 minutes and the cow feels much better after. Some farmers milk their cows two times a day and others do it three times a day. But no matter what, they have to milk cows every day of the year.

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