Holiday Contest Winners


Congratulations to the following schools on winning the Holiday Social Media Contest:

🎄 St. John Bosco (Eastern/Avalon Region)

🎅 Forest Park Primary (Central Region)

☃️ St. Thomas Aquinas (Western)

🎁 Peacock Primary School (Labrador Region)


Thanks to everyone who participated this year! Keep an eye out for more fun promotions coming s’oon!

Milk Facts

carton iconWhat happens to the milk after the cow?

The raw milk is carried through pipes to a refrigerated storage tank in another room in the barn. Every second day, the raw milk is piped from the storage tank in the barn to a big, insulated milk truck for its journey to the dairy. When the milk truck arrives at the dairy, the raw milk is piped into another cold storage tank. A sample of milk is taken and it is tested for its milk fat content, flavour, odour and bacterial count.