Milk Run Round One Winners



The School Milk Foundation would like to thank everyone who participated in playing Milk Run Round One! The following winners from this round are:

πŸ„ Megan Day – New World Island Academy

🚜 Elaine Humby – Cloud River Academy

🏭 Jenny Berniquez – Elizabeth Park Elementary

πŸ₯›Β Cynthia Fillier – Beachy Cove Elementary

🚌 Shayne Payne – Long Range Academy

🏫 Alexis Oldford – Gander Academy

Stay tuned for next round; we have some amoo’zing stuff coming s’oon!


Milk Facts

carton iconIs milk healthy?

Milk has calcium and vitamin D, which are vital for strong healthy bones. But did you know that milk also has 13 other essential nutrients for overall good health?